Tuesday, 4 November 2014

STREET FOOD (part 1)

I'm sure I'll have much more to say on the subject the longer I live here--especially since for the first few weeks we were here I barely touched street food, following the advice of a well-meaning Travel Clinic nurse who clearly does not have a food blog.

Because street food, in general, is the best.

But I haven't eaten THAT MUCH of it yet so I'm sure there will be a Street Food Blog part 2 coming up.

Liam ordering breakfast from our favourite street stall near our house

Yet another time my camera doesn't show how delicious things are. This is the amount of breakfast you can get for LESS THAN A DOLLAR at the stall in the previous photo. 3 really soft, delicious warm idly, and 3 crispy vadai, with yummy sambar and chutney.
Chili bajji! My favourite. Bajji is basically deep fried anything, and for the chili bajji they use long green peppers that aren't crazy hot. At real street stalls this kind of food is served in newspapers. Also it was raining when I took this photo.
Ok so technically NOT streetfood, but this lakeside cafe differs from street stalls only in that it has a seating area. It has all the same food. This picture depicts chili bajji in a somewhat more beautiful form than the previous image. Also samosas.

Same cafe. Fried noodles. Also, this cafe bizarrely serves ketchup with literally ANYTHING YOU ORDER. 

Okay, also not street food. Muncheez is a takeout place where you order wraps at a window. You can eat there if you perch on this ledge with a table, looming over the people selling stuff on the street next to you, as you can see in this beautifully framed photo. ALSO in this photo: Mehndi on my arm that was done on Diwali by the niece of one of the teachers at
the school I'm working at. 

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