Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Coconut bloggin’

A short one. Advice on roadside cheap beverages: DO NOT BUY the water because a) there is a chance it is sketchy bad water re-packaged in a water bottle pretending to be all safe and sanitary and also because b) you could be having THIS instead:

I mean the coconut not the 7-up
They call it a tender coconut, and you see people drinking them on the streets everywhere (and thus also discarded coconut shells on the street everywhere, and cows eating the discarded coconut shells everywhere). The guy selling them will hack the top off for you with like a machete and then poke a straw in, and when you’re finished drinking it he’ll cut it in half, slice a spoon-shaped piece off, and give it back so you can slurp up the soft pulp, which feels kinda like eating...coconut-flavoured oysters.

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