Monday, 15 September 2014

Cheap Samosas: 2 kinds

Cheap samosas: the comfort food of every McGill student at the low price of 3 for a toonie, and available for EVEN LESS at basically every depanneur across Montreal. I've eaten them so often in the past 4 years I pretty much forgot they were Indian food.

Shockingly enough, my first actual Indian encounter with this delicious food was one purchased at a uni cafeteria. We were at the The University of Mysore, which the internet tells me has 53, 000 students, to visit the folklore museum. The campus is great, with an enormous amount of green space. We weren't allowed to take photos inside the museum but some of my favourite pieces were the sculptures outside anyway:

yes, these llamas have their tongues sticking out. .

Apparently samosas are popular student food here too. I wish I had taken a photo of the "line" to order food in the cafeteria, because it was...more like a riot. People pressing each other against a counter in a disorganized horde, shouting their orders and I have NO IDEA how anyone knew if they were grabbing their own food or someone else's off the counter. I basically ordered samosas because they were the thing that I knew what it was...

look at that flaky pastry mmmm real spices mmm
I'm sure this is not the best India has to offer because...cafeteria food. Cold cafeteria food. But so much more delicious than I'd tasted before. Crunchy pepper pods inside, and cardamom, and I don't know what other spices along with soft potatoes and carrots and who knows what else. Really, who knows? Cold cafeteria food is pretty much exactly what the travel clinic person told us not to eat but...what could possibly happen (don't answer this please anyone).

Now, for our second variety of cheap samosa, we take a step even further into the realm of cheapness, and try this:

mmmm taste of tradition

Yes, these are the potato-chip-equivalent of samosas. Like, dried and in a package. Like, hard little balls...Samosa shaped...with stuff inside it... to be honest I wanted chips but the sour cream and onion Lays that they sell here are really sweet? So this was the next best option. And it was far better, and far weirder. What more can you ask for from a Mini Samosa in a plastic package? They are trying their best. 

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