Saturday, 6 September 2014


Since I'm in India (unusual, for me) I felt I should maybe start a blog. To write about stuff like how the first thing I saw this morning (our first morning here) was a man leading a mama goat and its babies down a dirt road. Also how the traffic is chaotic to the point of hilarity, and yet strangely less frightening than Montreal traffic. Also how freaking beautiful all the tropical plant life is. 100 foot tall bamboo stands!

ANYWAY when I expressed my brilliant blogging plan to Liam he pointed out, "maybe a little too like, eat pray...sleep...whatever it"


And so: EAT SLEEP SHIT is born. Where I will tell you what I am eating/cooking, and also some other information sometimes (don't worry  I won't actually write about shit probably).


Airplane Food

We flew Lufthansa from Frankfurt to Bangalore and let me tell you, the meal was far superior to the Air Canada dinner (which I would essentially describe as "chicken in cream"). It was Aloo Gobi and Palak Paneer, decent and surprisingly slightly spicy. Besides the main course, highlights were 1000 islands dressing for some reason (a little taste of home), a thing of "Mango Pickle" (that circular container) which tasted like...oil? a very very dry bread roll which was borderline frozen, and sweet rice.

How can this be better than air canada dinner? Because that one was chicken. floating. in cream. 

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