Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Tiffin Time

Breakfast at MTR--Mavalli Tiffin Room--a famous place apparently! A lady on the train told us you can buy MTR products packaged in Indian groceries in the states, but inside it was very non-touristy. Half of the chairs in the upstairs rooms were red plastic lawn chairs, and seating is at big tables with whoever else was sitting there already. When we left the restaurant was closed for the time between lunch/dinner so we had to exit through the extremely steamy, crowded, yell-y, slippery kitchen out a weird smelly back door and down a very narrow alley full of stray dogs and cow poops. We were taken to MTR by our Lalbagh Botanical Gardens tour guide, officially a "Tree Warden," who showed us many beautiful trees and told us many supposedly-tree-related stories about wars, the origins of Quebec, opium, and his wife.

Not a single person at this restaurant spoke English, but our tour guide, in his semi-british accent, continuously referred to the staff as "these wretched boys," ordered for us, and explained the dishes in great detail.
fresh-pressed grape juice from local grapes
South Indian breakfast is typically a few fried or steamed bread-like things, and several chutneys
rice idly, with 2 chutneys to dip

crunchy crepe with potatos inside

this looks like a poop but really it is an almond
cake in a creamy sauce with maybe nutmeg in it. mmm.
and last but not least, very very milky, bitter coffee. 

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