Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Thali Time

forgot to take a picture until we'd almost finished eating
Within 2 minutes of arriving in Mysore its reputation as a friendly city was proven--when young Mustafa, claiming to be a palace elephant trainer, dressed all in pink, appeared in a puff of smoke and told us we could follow him to where he eats his lunch.

He said he was just being friendly and wanted nothing in return, and was one of the few people who've spoken to us who was actually telling the truth about that (many will try to sell something or lead you into a store where they get commission, claiming it's an interesting sight they want to show you).

But anyway, Mustafa was the real deal, and so was the fooooood. Thali the actual Indian way was very similar to Montreal's thali places, but more spice and more delicious, and in this case, all veg. The meal was several curries/sauces, a cabbage thing, yogurt, rice, papadums , and chapati. It was also 50 Rs per person, aka $1. And furthermore, it was served on a GIANT LEAF which tasted sorta like mediocre spinach. 

(7 more days until we arrive in Kodaikanal and I can shop at the market and try making some of this stuff myself mmmmmm)

lil bro in the Mysore Monday market

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